About Master

The Master range is our No1 selling brand. All of the loaves in the range are made with the finest ingredients we can source including Tasmanian milled flour and contain all of our years of baking experience to ensure that everytime you buy a Master loaf you are delighted.

All loaves in the master range are made with NO ARTIFICAL preservatives ensuring that the product remains natural, the way that bread used to be. They are also low in salt and are baked fresh daily by our team of experienced bakers with the care and pride you would expect by people who love their craft. We also ensure that the ingredients we use that contain palm oil only contain palm oil from a sustainable source, and our grain breads only contain Australian grown grains.

We pride ourselves in our quality and food safety standards and strive to be industry leaders in this area.

Master White

Characterised by its pristine white slice, silky texture and square shape, this bread smells and tastes the way fresh bread should and is ideal for sandwiches, toasting and a variety of snacks. Comes in both sandwich and toast slice thickness

Master White Hi Fibre

This is our much loved master recipe fortified with oat fibre to give it more fibre than a standard white loaf with-out compromising that much loved Master taste. Comes only in a mid slice thickness

Master Wholemeal

Tasmania’s much loved wholemeal recipe for those bread lovers conscious of their fibre intake. Comes in both sandwich and toast slice thickness

Master Multigrain

A basic grain loaf containing all those Master flavours and characteristics, ideal for those who prefer lighter grain style loaves. Comes in both sandwich and toast slice thickness.

Master 9 Grain

The premium grain offering from Cripps building on that silky and tasty Master texture with the added nutritional benefit of 9 grains, this loaf is our lowest GI rated Master loaf, packed full of goodness and recommended for diabetics. This loaf comes in both sandwich and toast slice thickness and also a mid slice wholemeal variant.

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